In the payment processing industry we are all the same. We all abide by the same rules and regulations. Here at Synergy Merchant Solutions we work a little differently. We have incorporated those same guidelines with our focal point being you.

Your Own Representative

That’s right, your very own representative. Every payment processor must have support, but as we stated we are a little different. Whereas other companies maintain a robotic support staff, we

24/7 Support

Here at Synergy Merchant Solutions we offer support in a way that is convenient for you. As one of the fastest growing payment processors with over 65,000 merchants,



Gateway Battle: PayTrace vs. Authorize.net

If you are looking to sell goods online you need an e-commerce payment solution to help your business grow and our e-commerce products are the best in the industry. We understand that your existing and prospective customers are just a click away from choosing another website. If they were to […]

Square Mobile vs. Vital C3 & C4 Mobile

In today’s fast paced society, merchants are looking for ways to process on-the-go. The most common ways to process payments when out-and-about is a wireless terminal. However, wireless terminals are known to be bulky, inconvenient and expensive so the industry has evolved to a more simple solution. Everyone has a […]

Finally a Large Paper Roll for the Vx520’s!!!!

What are you talking about??? When the EMV or Chip Card became the standard, the most commonly used piece of equipment in the industry were the Verifone Vx520 Countertop and the Vx680 Wireless terminals. Surprisingly enough even FirstData which has there own branded terminals were also using the Vx series. […]

Is Free Equipment Really Free????

Why We Offer Free Equipment? All merchant service companies offer some kind of free equipment program. Because our industry is so competitive, all of us must offer a comparable program or choose to lose business and this is a huge advantage to the merchant. This keeps all companies in check […]

Standard Processing vs. Free Processing?

Free Processing vs Standard Processing: Which is Better? The up and coming product to hit the merchant service industry is “Free Processing”. It has also been marketed as “Zero Processing” and the “Cash Discount Program” depending on the company. This has become a very enticing alternative to standard processing services […]

RiO Connect Powered by SpotOn

Rio Connect powered by Spot On is the premiere choice when it comes to rewards for your customers. If you are looking to boost revenue and generate repeat business, then Rio Connect is the program for you. Because people are always looking for a deal, reward and loyalty programs are […]

SwipeSimple Mobile Device for Smartphones or Tablets

Synergy Merchant Solutions and CPAY are proud to announce SwipeSimple our NEW Mobile Device now accepting EMV Chip Card Payments On The Go. SwipeSimple is a mobile point of sale solution that enables merchants to quickly and securely accept credit card payments from any smartphone or tablet. By turning your […]

Ditch Paper & Go Plastic w 25 Free Gift Cards that You Can Customize!

It’s Christmas time, make sure your gift card program is up and running! If you are not set up with gift cards you are losing money. People wanting gift cards pay for the card upfront and most of the time the beneficiary doesn’t even use the entire balance on the […]