The cigar & smoke industry are giants in the retail world. Cigars & cigarettes are everywhere, from convenience stores to grocery stores and even large supermarkets. Even though many retailers sell these items, they are cheap and low quality. Cigar and smoke shops sell higher quality cigars which are more expensive.

Cigar Shops

Cigar shops sell an experience. You can get top-of-the-line cigars that you can’t get at grocery stores or supermarkets. What’s nice about cigar shops is that not only can you purchase a better quality cigar, but you can lounge around the shop and smoke them there. Many cigar shops offer bars and entertainment while enjoying a quality cigar.

Smoke Shops

Smoke shops have a broader scope to grocery stores or supermarkets. Smoke shops sell tobacco in general. This means they sell cigarettes, cigars and tobacco leaves for tobacco pipes. They are simple retail stores that cater to the entire smoke industry.

Vape Shops

Vape stores are getting a beatdown by the merchant service industry. In truth, it’s not us that are not approving the vape industry, it’s the banks behind the merchant service companies. We would approve the vape industry all day long, but until the banks approve the industry we have to decline them. There are high-risk companies out there that will offer merchant services, but they like to take advantage of the merchant and charge a premium price.