In post Covid times, the hospitality industry has taking a hit. From slim profits to issues with staffing, a good POS system is crucial to help eateries thrive. With features such as inventory, employee and customer management, is why our line of POS systems are recognized as the industry leader.

We have several POS Systems that are capable to handle the restaurant industry. However, we promote HotSauce POS System as the top overall system for hospitality. Not to take away from our Clover and Exatouch line of POS systems which can do both retail and restaurant, we feel that because HotSauce POS caters solely to the hospitality industry is why it has an edge over the other POS Systems.

HotSauce POS has more features than all other hospitality POS systems on the market. Not only does HotSauce offer more functionalities than its competitors, but our customer service goes above and beyond to keep you satisfied. We even have a verified onsite representative come and install the POS system for you. We don’t just send out a POS and say good luck with install.

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