In today’s fast paced society, merchants are looking for ways to process on-the-go. The most common ways to process payments when out-and-about is a wireless terminal. However, wireless terminals are known to be bulky, inconvenient and expensive so the industry has evolved to a more simple solution. Everyone has a smartphone, and it’s simple and easy to use, plus it is normally always accessible to all individuals. So the industry got smart and found the solution by integrating the smartphone with payment processing.

The first to market was Square. All merchant service companies were losing money, so all companies rushed to find a compatible device to compete with Square. Whereas this hurt the merchant service industry, it helped the merchants because we were trying to outdo Square by providing cheaper rates. Square is a exceptional product mainly because it offers no fees, but fees are good. That’s right fees are good! It’s simple no fees and higher rates or some fees and a cheaper rate. It’s a toss up.

The two biggest players in the mobile industry are Square and Vital. Like everything there are pros and cons to everything in life and these products are no different. Below is a comparison chart that can help clarify what might be best for you. All in all, if you don’t want fees but you like paying higher rates then go with Square, but if you want much cheaper rates and a few fees then Vitals C3 & C4 is hands down the better solution. Contact us with any questions.

Square vs 


Mobile Swiper's

Is Swiper EMV Capable

Swiped Check Card Rate

Swiped Qualified Rate (No Rewards)

Swiped Mid Qualified Rate (All Rewards)

Swiped Non Qualified Rate (Keyed)

Per Transaction

PCI Compliance


Average Monthly Processing

What product is best for you?

Vital C3 & C4


monthly fee

Both are Bluetoooth. C4  includes Cradle.






$.19 /per

Yes (Very Important) 

Minor Fees but Cheaper Rates 

Select if you process over $1,000



monthly fee







$.15 /keyed only


No Fees but Higher Rates

Selecet if you process under $1,500

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