Clover POS Systems for Retail, Restaurants & More

The Clover brand has become one of the more popular POS systems in the industry with it’s line of POS products. Clover is a very versatile POS which allows it to operate in almost every industry, but it is used heavily in retail and hospitality applications. The versatility of this POS makes it a very attractive POS system to all business owners. It’s great for retail because of its business applications and it’s ideal for restaurants, bars and pubs because of it’s hospitality software. All-in all, it is a state-of-the-art POS, with top-of-the-line software.

Clover Products

The Clover Products below operate like every other POS system, but with more bells and whistles. It has an App Market, which adds an additional element to a POS solution. Plus, all units sync with one another giving you the ability to streamline your business operations like scanning inventory in a shopping isle and have it sync with the main POS. The Clover offers a more powerful POS solution, but can also be a little more pricier than its competitors. However, because of its user friendliness and ease of integration the Clover line of POS systems is a a strong favorite.

*NEW* 2023 Clover Duo POS System

The Duo is Clover’s new POS System and is used primarily for the retail industry. It targets mainly brick-and-mortar shops, because it features great employee and customer management with an attractive loyalty program. One of the Duo’s strongest features is the inventory management. By pairing the Flex with the Duo, you can scan the items on the shelf allowing your employees to streamline the inventory process. It also has a very customer-friendly Pin Pad. This unique Pin Pad makes the customer checkout a smooth and simple process.

*NEW* 2023 Clover Solo POS System

The Solo is Clover’s new POS System for the hospitality industry. Used for restaurants, bars, pubs and more, the Solo provides a very user-friendly device. Because you are not normally face-to-face is why the Solo presents a better option for the hospitality industry. For example, when at a restaurant you normally take an order and then after the meal you take their credit card for payment. For a bar, the patron provides you with their card at the beginning to create a tab. Once the patron is ready to leave the bar closes out the tab with the patron by simply letting the bartender know. The patrons card is already in the POS, therefore you do not have to ask the patron to provide their card again. The Solo has software that is tailored solely for the hospitality industry. It features table mapping, menu management, employee management, online ordering, pay-at-the-table and a plethora of other features.

*NEW* 2023 Clover Mini POS System

The Clover Mini is just that. It is just as versatile as the Solo and the Duo, but has a smaller footprint. It also has the capability to print a receipt out directly from the device, making the Mini an all-in-one POS system. Built mainly for retail, it is targeted for those who want a complete POS system without taking up the entire counter. The Mini is the smallest and most efficient POS system. It is basically a Solo and a Duo with a hint of the Flex because of its internal printer, barcode scanner and wireless capabilities.

*NEW* 2023 Clover Flex Wireless POS System

The Clover Flex is the most powerful wireless device. The Flex is a small POS system that fits ergonomically in your hand. It’s wireless capabilities give you the ability to operate off of wi-fi or cellular. The Flex’s most powerful features are its ability to sync with all the other devices. So if you are a restaurant you can order food at the table and it syncs with the POS, as well as the kitchen printer. It also has the ability to pay-at-the-table. If you are in the retail industry, you can utilize the barcode scanner built in to the device to check inventory right on the shelf or even in the stock room. For on-the-go merchants, you can use the Flex with its cellular capabilities. It can still operate as a POS system as well as take payments on the fly.