The PAX S920 is a small portable handheld device. It is ideal for those merchants who are looking to process transactions on the go, pay-at-the-table or simply those merchants lacking phone line or internet connectivity. The PAX S920 is the most versatile wireless terminal on the market and is regarded as the top wireless device in the industry. Designed for ease of use, simple mobility and hassle-free transactions the PAX S920 is a great choice for merchants needing to process mobile payments.

Key Features:

  • EMV(Euro/MasterCard/Visa) Compliant
  • PCI Compliant
  • NFC or Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Other Digital Wallets
  • Wireless and Wifi Connectivity
  • Small Portable Handheld Device with Color Touchscreen
  • Internal Pin Pad Supports Pin-Based Debit
  • Supports Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs
  • Extremely User Friendly