Synergy Merchant Solutions and CPAY are proud to announce SwipeSimple our NEW Mobile Device now accepting EMV Chip Card Payments On The Go. SwipeSimple is a mobile point of sale solution that enables merchants to quickly and securely accept credit card payments from any smartphone or tablet. By turning your smartphone or tablet into a payment device, it also helps to avoid the use of those bulky wireless terminals.

SwipeSimple gives your customers the option to tip on your device and if they need a receipt you can either email or text the receipt to them. For those merchants who like to track their transactions, SwipeSimple offers a dashboard for you to gain an of your past transactions. You can also designate tax rates, perform voids and partial refunds. If your customer needs a receipt resent, you can resend the receipt via text or email.

Here’s a demo video:

2 thoughts on “SwipeSimple Mobile Device for Smartphones or Tablets

    1. Hello Bobby,

      Yes, the SwipeSimple is compatible with the Google smartphone, which is the Pixel. Most all Android and IOS devices are compatible with SwipeSimple. If you have any requests for different devices we are more than happy to check its compatibility.

      If you contact us via phone, email or contact form we will explain in more detail.

      Thank you for your interest,

      Synergy Staff

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