With Synergy Merchant Solutions contracts are now obsolete. No One likes to be tied down to lengthy contracts and we feel that keeping you happy with your service will be the key to maintaining a long relationship. Because we are so confident in our company to keep you happy there is no need for contracts.

Please do your due diligence when signing up with competitors. Many others focus on only the major things and leave out the small things. These small things can easily become major things. If they do not bring up contracts or termination fees that’s a big flag. You might be happy now, but when you get ready to cancel and they bring up you have a contract and a termination fee, it now becomes a major issue.

Many businesses don’t prepare to fail and hopefully they do not. But, if you close your business and you don’t have the means to pay the termination fee they are simply in their right to file with the court to get their money. These practices will also reflect negatively on your credit report.