We offer card payment solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes that are looking to keep up-to-date with transaction payment trends. In today’s fast paced society, more and more customers are looking for quick, safe and convenient methods of payments. A vital part of your business is choosing the correct solution to guarantee your business operates at the maximum efficiency.

​We are always looking to help businesses become more profitable. If you are a business that is currently processing credit cards or looking to start you are a prime candidate for our services. We understand that in order to achieve this you will need to process transactions with the latest and greatest equipment on the market. To help with the burden of dishing out extra expenses, we offer a variety of Free Terminal Programs with the Dejavoo Z8 Countertop and Dejavoo Z9 the more popular selections.

With fraud on the rise, Synergy Merchant Solutions only provides the safest and securest equipment for our merchants. We understand security is a priority and that is why all of our equipment is EMV and PCI Compliant and not only conforms to all industry requirements but exceeds them. This protects not only your business from fraud, but your customers as well.