The Valor VP550 is a compact & reliable handheld wireless device that is revelutionizing  the industry. This device reinvents the mobile experience allowing you to optimize revenue opportunities with wireless connectivity.  If you are a business looking to process payments on the go, pay-at-the-table or simply lack phone line or internet connectivity, then the Valor VP550 wireless terminal is the solution. Designed for ease of use, simple mobility and hassle-free transactions, the Valor VP550 is a great choice for merchants needing to process mobile payments.

The Valor VP550 wireless terminal is also used for the “Cash Discount” or “Zero Processing” Programs

Key Features:

  • Small Portable Handheld Device with Touchscreen
  • Menu and Inventory Management
  • Optional Digital Signature
  • Send SMS and Email Receipts
  • Extremely User Friendly
  • EMV(Euro/MasterCard/Visa) Compliant
  • PCI Compliant
  • NFC or Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Other Digital Wallets
  • Wireless and Wifi Connectivity
  • Internal Pin Pad Supports Pin-Based Debit
  • Supports Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs
  • Optimize revenue opportunities with 24/7 wireless connectivity
  • Reinvent mobile payment using a device with a long-life battery and
    fast printer