VITAL “Select” E-Series POS & VITAL “Plus” Handheld POS 

Payment processing has evolved. Synergy Merchant Solutions is constantly updating our product line to provide merchants with the latest and greatest products and with our new addition to the VITAL Select E-Series (formely RiO) “All-in-One” POS System we have also added the VITAL Plus System which is a mini handheld device with POS capabilities.

VITAL “Select” E-Series ”All-in-One” POS SYSTEM 

The VITAL Select E-Series POS System comes with your choice of the E-13(13” Screen Size) and the E-15(15”Screen Size).  It has a intuitive interface and operates very smoothly which makes it simple to use. Because of this, you can now accept credit cards more efficiently.  The VITAL Select E-Series POS System is an “All-in-One” which allows you to have all features on one system. You can process credit cards while capturing signatures electronically, manage all of your inventory and even track your customers sales. With the VITAL E-Series POS System you can easily add new products, create discounts for products, email the receipts to customers, change pricing on goods and easily hold transactions. It can connect via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Other POS Systems are lengthy when it comes to updating, however the VITAL Select E-Series POS System updates quickly and easily making your transaction info accessible and securely through browsers or mobile devices.

Purchase Options: NO Contract
E-13 (13” Screen Size) – $1,270 or 6 Payments of $232
E-15 (15” Screen Size) – $1,470 or 6 Payments of $268
⇒ $19.95 Monthly Service Fee

FREE Option: Contract
E-13 (13” Screen Size) – $69 / Monthly
E-15 (15” Screen Size) – $79 / Monthly

Hardware Features:

  • Everything Included in One POS System
  • Cash Drawer
  • Receipt Printer
  • Plug-and-Play
  • ELO Touch and Flip Screen
  • Modern Design
  • Robust Structure
  • Connects by Ethernet or WiFi
  • PCI Compliant

Back Office Features:

  • Live Dashboard
  • Sales and Analytics
  • Taxes
  • Discounts
  • Users and User Groups (ex: owner, manager, cashier)
  • Receipt Layouts
  • Multi Locations
  • Cloud Syncing
  • Import & Export Inventory List
  • Inventory Tracking & Reorder Trigger
  • Inventory Management
  • Export Sales Report
  • Transaction, Batch, Tenders, Audit reporting
  • Full Menu Layout; Screen Categories

Additional POS Features:

  • Open Tabs / Hold Order
  • Partial Refund, Full Refund
  • Tips
  • Close Out Report (x report)
  • Cash-in and Cash-out feature
  • Safe Drop feature
  • Cloud Syncing to Back Office

VITAL “Plus” Handheld POS System

The VITAL Plus is a the handheld version of the VITAL Select. It has a most features of the Select, but it also has additional features that the Select does not have. The Plus has a 5″ touchscreen display with an ergonomic design and is very powerful for a mobile device. The VITAL Plus handheld is a small portable device that is reliable, easy to use and will help your business operate more efficiently. Check out features below.

Purchase Options: NO Contract
VITAL Plus Handheld POS –  $330 or 3 Payments of $119
VITAL Plus Handheld POS with Charging Base –  $449 or 3 Payments of $159
⇒ $10.00 Monthly Service Fee

FREE Option: Contract
VITAL Plus Handheld POS – $35 / Monthly


All features of the VITAL Select except:

  • Manage Shifts
  • Email or Print Time Sheets & Cards
  • Custom Pay Periods
  • Calculation of Wages
  • Overtime Management
  • Employee Time Clock & Time Clock Reports

Additional features that VITAL Select does not have:

  • Mobile Bi-Directional Bar-code Scanner
  • Take Payments or Orders in Lines
  • Portability with Option to Take On-the-Go