Your bottom line is important and we understand every penny counts. So why pay more with your current processor? Here at Synergy Merchant Solutions we feel so confident that we will save you money we are putting our money where our mouth is by offering a $1,000 Low Cost Guarantee. If we fail this challenge we will pay you a $1,000 check if we do not save you money.

We know what your thinking, we will just save you $5.00. Nope, that’s not fair to you! It’s our job to save you money so we can persuade you to change over to our credit card service and saving you $5.00 is not worth either one of our times. Our average savings is at least 15%, however we have saved up to 75%, but every merchant is different. 

How this $1,000 Challenge Works:

This Challenge only applies to those merchants who are already processing. We require a statement from your Current Processing Company so we can do a comparison or quote. Please E-mail or Fax all pages so we can show you the true savings.  After we have done the comparison, we will call you and explain the savings.

​Email Statement to or Fax to 888-553-0988.