If you are a retail business or a restaurant, gift cards are a necessity. They are the best source of extra income for businesses. When a customer buys a gift card they are paying you upfront to load a money value on the card. Gift cards are the true upsell because it provides you not only the extra sale, but it can lead to a new customer when the person receiving the gift card comes in to the store for the first time.

We are the only merchant service in the industry with a FREE Gift Card Program. All other companies charge a Monthly Fee for the program and a Transaction Fee for every swipe of the gift card. We use to charge these fees like everyone else, however we have found that paying all these fees were hurting merchants ability to make extra revenue from the acceptance of gift cards. So this is a win-win because you get to add a service that will increase your bottom line 10 fold.

Why is a Gift Card so valuable to your business? Easy, when a person loads money on a gift card it can be 100% profit. Most people have a gift card in their wallet right now. When a person receives a gift card from someone they are going to be thankful, but what if the receiver can’t stand that store. Well, it never gets used and you just profited 100%. It is a fact  that 35% of cards do not get used for the full dollar amount. This is great, but you want the receiver to not only come in to your store, but they also become a new repeat customer.

When the beneficiary comes in and they have a $50 gift card they may spend $25. Because they know they have a balance on the gift card they will come back. After looking around they see a product in your store for $75, it might be a little to much for them but they know they have a $25 credit so they buy it because it is only $50. So they get a more expensive product and you get an extra $50 in extra revenue.

So, after using that gift card you have made $50 for initial sale of Gift Card and then an extra $50 for beneficiary buying up for a total of $100 for that one little gift Card. Then on top of that we charge NO Fees and NO Transaction Fees, plus we give you 25 FREE Gift Cards which you just have to pay shipping.


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Our Gift Card Program

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