In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses are looking for ways to help promote products. Your business must be able to accept all payment methods. A lot of businesses do not have credit cards to purchase products and cash is difficult to track. However, checks are the most common method of payment for services rendered because of its paper trail. This makes it very simple to document for taxes.

Not all consumers have credit cards because of bad credit, debt or choice, so many consumers will use checks. That’s not always good for you because of fraud or simply not enough funds in their account. Because of this you either lose a sale because you didn’t accept checks or the check bounces.


Products & Services

  • Standard Check Guarantee
  • Electronic Check Processing
  • Stand-Alone Guarantee (We Take the Risk)
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Multiple Check Service
  • Stop Payment Collects
  • Medical Processing for Patients & Insurance
  • Car Dealerships
  • Guarantee Checks Over the Phone
  • Conversion Plus
  • Check Processing Plus Recovery